Seminars for Business Journalists

Celebrating our 50th year, the Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists have provided several thousand members of the media insight from Wharton faculty into topics such as financial markets, accounting principles, corporate strategy and the global economy.
See highlights commemorating the 50th anniversary at our event in New York City, and read about the future of journalism with this Knowledge@Wharton recap here.

1968 -1977

A financial reporter, a corporate executive and Donald T. Sheehan, the University of Pennsylvania’s first Vice President of Public Relations, agree to offer a program to help journalists gain a better understanding of key business issues. The Society of American Business Writers and the National Press Foundation were key industry supporters.


Lawrence Klein, 1980 Nobel laureate in economics, presents his global economic assessment to Seminars participants.


By the Seminars’ 25th anniversary in 1993 reporters are attending a “Strategic Management” computer simulation session, replicating real corporate R&D challenges. This type of experiential learning is still provided to Wharton students today.


A decade of firsts with the first one-day Seminar held at Wharton San Francisco (2003), the first international Seminar held in Hong Kong (2007) and the first funding support offered to reporters in collaboration with the South Asian Journalists Association (1999).


The Seminars continue to expand to new locations with timely topics including the first Seminar focused on Public Policy presented in Washington, DC (2012) and the first Seminar in mainland China offered as part of the Penn Wharton China Center’s grand opening.


The Seminars celebrate 50 years with nearly 3,000 past participants representing media outlets including China News, CNBC, the Economic Times (India) and The Economist.